Adding a Blog For SEO To Any Website

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There are many reasons why adding a blog is beneficial to SEO. The first obvious reason is that good, relevant content and new content makes search engines happy and you will have more, and better search results. 

For that reason alone, Fullstack Web Studio created the Php script called PhpBlogifier, which loads the blog up to hundreds of times faster than the #1 blogging platform in the world.

This script allows any existing site to have a blog.

PhpBlogifier can be added to an existing website in minutes for a detailed, customized solution. By comparison, migrating an existing website to a blog platform would take many hours and it is quite likely that the performance benchmark would lag behind.

With all the new technologies out there, Fullstack always tries to ensure that all our web applications perform as fast as possible.

Posted: Sep 16, 2016, 8:31 pm

Some Web App Tools

Angular JS

Angular JS

Developed by Google, this tool is an invaluable asset to web apps and Android and Iphone apps.


Great library for Javsacript development and Ajax applications.

Wordpress Development


Popular and the emerging leader since the dawn of the 'Battle for Top CMS'. Easy tool for all levels.

Custom PHP Applications


Kent built SLAC in order to allow the building of fast and secure, custom web applications.