Hiring a Web Developer vs Do it yourself

Do It Yourself Web Development

Why hire a web developer when you can do it yourself? First of all, here are some basic facts. Any company, including giants like Wix, GoDaddy and Web.com generate revenue on hosting, which is storing your website files and making them accessible, and handling email.

When they say your website is free, it likely takes into consideration that it is free for you to do the work without pay, which can take many hours and be exhausting. After that, you pay monthly rates higher than what Fullstack charges. 

Look carefully, because you will likely be doing lots of work, even with free builders and you will pay for it in the long run. If you want to change providers, you may find you end up spending much more than dealing with a local web developer the first time through.

In addition, if you do it yourself, don't be surprised if the SEO coding and look has an amateur feel to it.

Posted: Sep 13, 2016, 8:25 pm

Some Web App Tools

Angular JS

Angular JS

Developed by Google, this tool is an invaluable asset to web apps and Android and Iphone apps.


Great library for Javsacript development and Ajax applications.

Wordpress Development


Popular and the emerging leader since the dawn of the 'Battle for Top CMS'. Easy tool for all levels.

Custom PHP Applications


Kent built SLAC in order to allow the building of fast and secure, custom web applications.