Our Technology Stack

Full Stack Web Development

The majority of technologies I use are HTML5, CSS, XML, PHP, mySQL, Javascript and Java. Actually, Javascript can be expanded to include Ajax, Angular.js and Jquery.

I arrived with this full stack since the technologies allow the final product to look and behave exactly as a client desires.

The HTML5 and CSS will deliver the responsive design so your site viewing is optimal on all devices.

The Javascript features allow the site to include bells and whistles, allows the usage of Ajax, and is industry standard for producing 'Single Page Web Applications'. Ajax, is client side coding for which you interact with a database to deliver the dynamic results.

The PHP / SQL is used to output custom data and sorting; much like you see with sites like Facebook, Ebay or Craigslist.


Posted: Sep 12, 2016, 8:21 pm

Some Web App Tools

Angular JS

Angular JS

Developed by Google, this tool is an invaluable asset to web apps and Android and Iphone apps.


Great library for Javsacript development and Ajax applications.

Wordpress Development


Popular and the emerging leader since the dawn of the 'Battle for Top CMS'. Easy tool for all levels.

Custom PHP Applications


Kent built SLAC in order to allow the building of fast and secure, custom web applications.