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How To Add Your Image To Google Search Pages

Adding your image to web page search results can really help your page stand out from the rest. The search results with your images will look similar to a video search result, except you will have a small 50px x 50px thumbnail image next to your article instead of a youtube video thumbnail. If visitors have liked your content, they would more than likely select your result from the results since they would recognize your image.

The sequence below explains how to add your image to Google Search results. All you need is a gmail account to login to Google profiles. Then, you can modify your settings and be ready to go.

1) Open the Google Profiles page
2) Login with a gmail account.
3) Add an image at least 250 x 250 pixels. The image should look at 50px x 50px since that image will show up on your web pages.
4) Set the image as profile photo.

5) Fill in sex and birthdate, if necessary and upgrade.
6) Select continue and Finish.
7) Go to Google +
8) Click on your image.
9) Select ‘Edit Profile’.
10) Select ‘Contributor to’
11) Select ‘Add custom link’.
12) Add a label and a url and save. Add various urls if you want.
13) SElect ‘Done Editing’.
14) Get your Google+ id from the url.
15) Add the following codes to your web pages or blog posts.
<a href=”” rel=”me”>Google+ Profile</a>
<a href=”” rel=”author”>About Author</a>
16) Wait for Google to update your web pages with the new image(s).
My Google+ Profile