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Call Spoofing is a Social Disgrace

We have entered an era for which calls can be made with false identities. Companies such as Spoof Card sell such services to allow people to disguise themselves as cowardly wimps; thus allowing so much room for societal changes. Without rambling on, it is obvious why such services can be dangerous. For one, I hope new small claims courts and case laws pop up to allow cowardly terrorizers to be dealt with. As a web developer, I receive such annonying calls since some webmasters are often hip to the latest technology and use it in matters to be advantageous. I advise anybody to track back all services in order to be sure you are not being sucked in from a foreigner with a local phone number and local accent; while it was really a guy from an Eastern country who spoke little English.

I believe one of the crimes thus mentioned is false impersonation.