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Content Is King

Content is King is a long-term phrase that has been used to describe ‘Content’ as being a heavy impact for SEO. Deservedly so,  quality content does deserve to attract traffic or the system fails.  If Google and other search engines rank websites only on tricked criteria, such as links, anchor text and keywords, the web surfer would not find his relevant desired information very easily. If users cannot find what they want, they go somewhere else. Therefore, Google tries to index websites so that quality content is given heavy consideration.

Adding Mass Content:
The simplest ways to add mass content on a website is to use a blog and write to it often. Other effective methods are to use a Content Management System for which articles can easliy be added and organized. With a blog or content management system, the writer can make the content keyword rich with approprate titles and title words in the content. And yes, more is better and hitting the keywords at 5-7% is safe. Although Google will index quality content, it still will lean to word combinations that a user types in the Google Search box. To explain how content can increase SEO, this website added our entire 375-page book into our forum and our traffic increased more than 700%.

A simple plan can be engaged to increase SEO too. A web writer can add on average a 200-300 word page per day for one year. In one year this would be 365 new pages and content the size of a 60,000-100,000 word book. Also, this sort of growing method will have many perks such as many visitors will come back from bookmarks.

Avoid PDF files for Content:
PDF files are a simple method to take a print document from Word, PageMaker, FrameMaker, InDesign or Quark Express, but, they do not get very good search results. The webmaster can copy and paste the print document into a Content Management System. Or the copied text can be pasted into Notepad then into a Content Managament System for nice, clean text code. If images are used, they can be optimized in Photoshop or another image editor. 

Coming Back For More:
A quality website will bring people back. Many SEO companies will try to emphasize how Google searches brings the most visitors, but, that can turn with a quality website where people keep coming back for your information and your find most of your users are returning vistors arriving from a bookmark or link in an email.