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Cpanel Logs and Using AWSTATS

Cpanel comes with various built-in applications which can be used to track visitors and bots that come to the website(s). From the list of options, manhy people like awstats. The first thing to remember about tracking web traffic is that no two sources ever give the same results. These los can be used in conjunction with Google Analytics to view information about traffic sources.

To open a log,
1) Select an icon within the  ‘Logs’.
The various data sources are easy to use. For this example, Awstats will be demonstrated.
2) Select a website.
3) Read Stats
The stats will explain various pices of data such as unique visitors, pages, pages where visitor entered, pages where visitor exited, countries and page views, ip addresses, links, search keyphrases, viewer browser usage and origin of visitor. The origin of visitor attempts to explain which users came from a search engine and those who came from a direct address, bookmark and email link.