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Joomla has a number of various editors which can be used to create content for pages and modules. However, in most cases, they can arrange text, images and Flash to look precise. However, the editors are not the best choice for precise custom coding. For custom coding, an the extension Jumi can be used to create custom content in modules and articles.

With Jumi, custom content can be done with the various common coding scripts and languages; XHTML, CSS, PHP, CGIs and Javascript. With Jumi, you can take a page designed in a Photoshop PSD file and convert it to XHTML / CSS. Then, these files can be inserted into a directory. With the Joomla article manager, a new page can be made with Jumi for which will contain these files. When making the appropriate file with Photoshop, it should be sized properly to fit inside the page.

This matter about using custom coding is often discussed in many forums regarding Joomla vs Drupal. But, both can be used to add custom precise coding to any content page with proper coding and tagging. As far as ease goes, the timeframe to work with Jumi and custom tags from the login would be almost equal, and definitely within seconds. With Drupal you just add the php whereas with Jumi you upload a php file and write a tag so that it will run on the desired page.