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Adding Iframes To Joomla Module

When you work with Joomla modules, you can use installed modules or custom modules. Custom modules use the default Joomla editor and can be used to add custom code like div tags, text, images and css. However, you can use your custom modules to display an iframe from another folder, or even another website. For example, you may have a form that you built on a different website that you want to use in the Joomla module.

The code below shows how simple it is to add an iframe to a custom Joomla module. The iframe needed custom styling to remove the scrollbars and to fit properly inside the custom module. Without styling the iframe, it would have had vertcial and horizontal scrollbars which makes it lack style. With the iframe below, it was given a custom height and the border property was set to none.

 <iframe style="height:420px; border:none;" src=""></iframe>