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DNS Web Host Manager


DNS functions allow the web developer to control the DNS for a particular domain. When you register a domain name, you must point the DNS to yours. Often, the hosting company sets it to its own DNS by default, which means you cannot view the website hosted elsewhere. After pointing the DNS to your server, you may need to login to Web Host Manager and edit the DNS after you create a new account or addon domain.

Edit DNS

Off all the DNS functions, there is a good chance that ‘Edit DNS’ would be used the most, or exclusively from the others. When you create an an account or an addon domain, its DNS will have a default value. Thus, arriving at this setting to change any dns nameservers is an obvious option.

To create a website with proper dns,
1) Register domain name.  
2) Create a new account for the domain name or create an addon domain.
3) Login to Web Host Manager and Edit DNS for the domain name; if necessary.

To edit the DNS so that it works with your hosting account,

1) Select ‘DNS Functions’.

2) Select ‘Edit DNS Zone’.
3) Select a domain.
4) Select ‘Edit’.
5) Set the DNS to your account. In this case, the main domain is and the dns nameservers are and
6) Select ‘Save’.