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Email marketingEmail Marketing

Email marketing is the sending email to prospective and current clients. Some may want the email, some may be interested, and some may be outright annoyed.

Personalized Emails:
Personalized emails can work if the prospective client is in need of your service. For example, sending emails to Property Managers for ‘Pool Cleaning Services’ can acquire future jobs. The receiver in this case may be thinking immediately about cost cutting or replacing a lazy worker with your request. If the emails are for your clients and are in their best interests, the email could result in more work. But, continually hinting for more work or sending to many flyers could hinder your relationship.

Success Rate:
Personalized emails will have a percentile success rate depending upon the client. For example, marketing a demand service for a specialized client could result in success while generic emails for common services like desktop publishing could result in a low success rate of 1 job in 100-200 emails.