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If there a con method to acquiring links, it can be done through blogs and forums. Just recently, I received a new registered user who had made some posts on my forum regarding problems with a module. This post, like other similar posts, had similiarities. Although the problems varied, they all had went out of their way to add links to their website. I helped them sort out their problems, but I was left wondering if this was all about trying to piggy back off my Page 6 Google Page Rank and help their own seo. I was not too concerned since they always help my seo process by contributing. But, I just don’t like scams…period. An artful way to deal with ‘The Artful Link Dodger’ (taken from the Artful Dodger in Dicken’s Oliver Twist) is to have all www change to ww. Now, the link dies and the scam can be minimized.