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GoDaddy MX Records

During web development tasks, one such task for completing a job is to use one web server for the website while using another for the email. There are many reasons for this procedure; such as a person registered a domain name and setup and email account before the website was constructed, or, it makes it easier for a developer not to walk a client through a new email server and steps to setup receiving email with Outlook.

After a domain name is registered, the next step is to change the nameservers to where the site will be hosted. If you have a GoDaddy email account, these email servers will change when the new dns settings are updated. But, you can get them back.

Since most domain names are registered with GoDaddy, this tutorial guides through the process of showing how to change mx data to recive email with GoDaddy, but using a website hosted elsewhere.

After nameservers are set for web hosting, you can login to a VPS or dedicated WHM. If you use shared hosting, your isp must make the changes. After logging in to WHM (Web Host Manager), you can see the DNS for all websites.

To see the DNS settings,
1) Login to WHM >Edit DNS >Select website >Edit >Put in proper DNS settings(if necessary) >Save >Wait >Test

Now, you can login to GoDaddy and retrieve the MX data for their service. You should see that the mx data points to the location where the website is hosted. You will want to change these settings. GoDaddy will give you details for the MX data.

To see the MX Records

    1) Log into GoDaddy account.
    2) Select ‘My Account’
    2) Select ‘My Products’
    3) Click Email.
    4) Select ‘Manage Account’ for an email account.
    5) Select ‘Domains’ tab >Server Addresses. Now, you can update the MX records in WHM of the hosting provider.
    Login to WHM >Edit MX Entry >Select website >Edit >Put in proper MX settings >Save. 
    6) In GoDaddy email account, select ‘Update MX’