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Google Crawl Page Quickly

If you have a new page that you want crawled you can speed up the process using Google Webmaster Tools. At one time, a typical webmaster may have built a static or dynamic web page, or blog post and wondered how long it will take for Google to crawl the page. Often, it can be just a matter of days; especially if you are adding fresh content on a regular basis.

However, if you use Google’s webmaster tools, you can have that page indexed within minute(s). The simple steps for doing this are shown below. All you need to do is login to Webmaster Tools before performing the following sequence of events.

Once you have logged in to Webmaster Tools, you click the website link. In this case, the link is

Google Webmaster Tools Home Page

After the next page opens, you select ‘Crawl’ > ‘Fetch as Google’. 

Fetch as Google

Finally, you add the url into the input box and select ‘Fetch’. After you select ‘Fetch’, you click the ‘Submit to Index’ button that is displayed after you select ‘Fetch’. Once you have done that, select the radio button “Crawl only this URL” and click ‘Go’.

At this point, you can begin to browse Google for your new web page. 

Submit to Index