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How To Develop A Website

This article will explain how to develop a website. The methods explained may not be suitable for all users, but, the could enable you to start with a blank editor at point A and end up with a completed website at point B which loads at

To build a web site will need a domain name, the website files and database(if using a database) and hosting. The domain name must point to the location where the website is hosted. For example, you can point the nameservers for to and

Those are the basics to having a website on the web. However, I could go on about hosting and files until you would be so bored reading this you would be missing the good stuff which is about to come. 

how to develop a website

The Files

As far as the files go, they could be written from a professional programmer or they could be a commercial template with the words and images swapped. This area is wide open and the skill range can be huge. The coding could be php, C#, Java, Python, html, css, Jquery and mySQL… to name a few. For a noob, you may only use a template and edit the HTML files and swap images.

The Hosting

Cheap is a good way to start since traffic needs to be earned and it can take quite a while to have so much that you need a better service.

Full Stack Web Developer

Getting to the expert zone of things, you would have an overall grasp of the Linux server, SEO, programming in multiple languages and some graphic design skills. Of course, you may have weaknesses. 

As a full stack web web developer, you possess the skills to oversee all parts of a project and manage all who are involved.

For example, you could be a Linux and PHP / mySQL expert that does the heavy lifting and website set up. At this point, you have many options to complete a project. You could use a system like Smarty templating and outsource the design work. You can put the jobs up for bid, or use a service like Fiverr. You could send a rough image to graphic artist on Fiverr and get a $5 job that is a good as a local web designer who thinks it is worth $50.

Since the web design work and imagery has so many options for you to use, the full stack web developer can pick and choose what SEO and design work to hire that will save lots of time and yield good results. This is efficiency.