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Typically, Joomla 1.6 is installed using Fantastico or from a zip file downloaded from Fantastico is included in many shared, VPS, or dedicated server hosting plans.

If Fantastico is used for a Joomla 1.6 installtion, you must have a hosting plan which includes Cpanel. Cpanel is very popular with Linux hosting. The upside to a Fantasico installation is simplicity and quickness. Just a couple mouse clicks and it is done. The downside to Fantastico is that is uses the default Joomla database prefix (_jos). For security, it is recommended to change the prefix since hackers can target the prefix.

To use Fantastico,
1) Go to Cpanel and Login
2) Click Fantastico
4) Install Joomla 1.6

Manual Installation with Zip File
The manual installation of Joomla 1.6 is very simple.
To manually install Joomla 1.6,
1) Dowload the zip file from
2) Extract the file into the appropriate directory…such as public_html or
3) Type the address of the new installation; such as
4) Setup the appropriate database name, user and password
5) Remove or rename installation folder.

Manual Installation Video Tutorial
Here is avideo tutorial for installing Joomla 1.6. See tutorial.