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HTML 5 Web Page Setup

Setting up an HTML 5 website is very simple. The typical page will have doctype declaration at the top of the page. For html 5, the doctype is ‘<!DOCTYPE HTML>’. After declaration is the opening html tag which is displayed as ‘<html>’.

After the opening html tag are the <head></head> tags. Within the head tags you can add your links to javascripts and css files.

After the head tags comes the opening body tag which is displayed as ‘<body’. After the body tag is where the typical coder goes to work. The stuff you see in the browser comes from this section. Often, tags like <div>, <p> <form> and plain old text is found here. You can select ‘View Source’ within your browser to compare the code in the page to the code you see in the browser.

The body finishes with a closing body tag which is shown as ‘</body>’.

Following the closing body tag is the closing html tag. The closing html tag looks like ‘</html>’.

That is all there is to a basic html 5 web page.

<head> <!-- all links to scripts; such as: <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="theme.css"> --> </head>
<body> <!-- all content goes here; such as <div></div>, <p></p>,<ul></ul>,<form></form> and plain old text --> </body>