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How To Install Linux On Partitioned Hard Drive

A Linux distribution can be installed directly onto a hard drive or it can be installed on a partition on the hard drive. When you partition a hard drive, you can have have the option to run either operating system when you boot the computer. The software EASEUS can be used to partition a hard drive with Windows for which the new partition can be used to install Linux. The key to partitioning a hard drive with EaseUS is to make the Linux partitions with the type ‘Ext 3’.

When you create the partition, the new Linux partition must have a status as ‘active’ and the type is ‘primary’. After you have created the partition you reboot the computer. The bios boot order should start with your installation media; such as cd or usb. Upon reboot, you will follow the simple Linux installation instructions. The only part that may need some tweaking is making sure the root ‘/’, boot and swap partitions are properly created and named.

Partitioning Tips For Linux
When you partition a hard drive to install Linux, you will need to make 3 ‘Ext’ partitions. The partitions can be made with EaseUS or they can be created when you install the iso image on the computer. One will be the large ‘root’ partition which will have the mount point ‘/’. Another partition will be the ‘boot’ partition’ that will have the mount point ‘boot’ and it will be about 200 mb in size. The final partition will be the type ‘swap’, and it should be twice the size of your computer’s memory. For example, a computer with 4gb of memory will have 8-9 GB of swap. If ou do not have the three partitions created, you will be prompted during installation that you must have them. Therefore, if this is the case, you simply create them.

Post Installation
After Linux is successfully installed, you reboot your computer (without the media installation disk or usb stick). You will be able to select your operating system of choice.