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Issues of Outsourcing

In a world where people in various countries can make contact in milliseconds and work rates can vary, you may wonder if outsourcing is something you should consider. Although there are pros and cons; cultural differences, ‘security trust’ and copyright issues are 3 big factors you must consider.

Cultural Differences
Can you work with people from the foreign land in a positive manner? Do you remmber what a ruckus it was bartering in a market only to find more frustration that you had intended to find? Can you make accurate reads on people that will benefit a solid working relationship?

Security Trust
If you hire web development elsewhere, can you trust the people behind the project will have solid integrity? Will your site receive small inside hacks and need repairs or other service charges? Will you be locked into a service that is not portable? Can you take the work you paid for, move it to a new server and say goodbye without issues?

Copyright Issues
These days many companies receive letters from large image corporations like Getty for using images illegally. They do not care that you had a foreign pirate make the site, they will go after the site owner. which is probably you.

There have been many instances for which we have outsourced software products or templates. In the case, it is recommended to keep accurate records regarding images, memberships, etc… for obvious reasons. Also, it recommended to be able to understand every line of code so that you know what you paid for.