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Joomla MP3 Player Module

A Joomla MP3 player typically comes in the extension form of a module. Essentially, a Joomla MP3 module can allow you to have your own Jukebox on your website. Although they all do the same thing, the setup can be quite different. Some will play songs from an xml playlist while some will automatically play songs that exist in the ‘song’ folder. Many Joomla mp3 players use Flash to pull mp3 songs from an an xml playlist or, the mp3 player uses parameters to retrieve songs from a specific folder. Many of the Joomla mp3 players can be customized to provide a custom color scheme and specific dimensions to achieve the desired outcome in various browsers.

View Joomla MP3 Player here.

A Joomla mp3 player and other Joomla modules and extensions can be found here.

Download Free Joomla MP3 Player. | See how it works

The MP3 player which is simple to use is sampled below. Its name is BOMP3. All you have to do is install the module, move mp3 files into the tunes folder, and adjust the parameters. The images below show you how the module looks and it shows you the parameters you can adjust. You can change colors, change songlists, allow the player to shuffle, play automatically, adjust volume, set custom widths and heights, hide the player and much more.

In addition to the above, you can do many things with this player. For one, you could upload 30 songs and let visitors play them every night as a radio show. Alternatively, you can add hundreds of copyrighted songs into the tunes folder and play them in a shuffled order. For those Grateful Dead Fans and their live music, they can freely be djs and not bear copyright issues because the Dead, will always be the Dead. For mobile users; you could deploy the module to play as a Iphone app or a mobile web page. This way, you take the music to go. 

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