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Lamp vs Wamp

When you begin or work with server side scripting; like PHP(or Perl) and mySQL, you are often confronted with two server options; Lamp and Wamp. Lamp stands for Linux, Apache, mySQL and PHP(or Perl) and Wamp is the same except that the ‘W’ is for Windows. For many Windows users, Wamp is a simple and easy setup for which to practice PHP, mySQL and use phpMyAdmin.

In most situations, you will use lamp when you host a website on a live server. Therefore, using Lamp does have many benefits if you plan to host and administrate websites in a serious manner. For starters, you will be able to grow skills, understand how it works at it root level, and learn to master the command line. Without knowing how to use Linux and the command line, you could be in a tight spot if you plan or need to run a dedicated or VPS server.

Therefore, if you want to make overall headway and progress, you may want to use Wamp to become a proficient programmer and use Lamp to become a better programmer and system administrator. Once you gain a larger understanding of Wamp and setting up servers with Lamp, you may find Lamp is easier to configure on a custom level and you can do more with it.