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ls Linux Command

The ‘ls’ command is one which gets used quite frequently. The ‘ls’ command is used to display files. There are many ways for which you can display files; such as ls, ls -l , ls -a, ls a* and ls -lt.

ls (lists one file for each row)

root# ls 
file1 .file2

ls -l (lists a long output with file permissions, date and file size)

root# ls -l -rw-r--r--  1 root root   38473 Feb 22  2012 memcached-2.0.0b2.tgz -rw-r--r--  1 root root   38473 Feb 22  2012 memcached-2.0.0b2.tgz.1

ls -a (lists all files including hidden files)

root# ls -a 
file1 .file2

ls -a (lists all files beginning with a)

root# ls a* 
afile .afile

ls -lt (lists all files with long output ordered by date desc)

 root# ls -lt drwxr-x--- 15 root root    4096 Dec 24 22:28 ./ -rw-------  1 root root   17386 Dec 24 09:14 .bash_history