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How To Make a CMS

With so many content management systems available, you may wonder why spending many hours to build a custom cms is a worthy option. Firstly, the reusability of a CUSTOM CMS can speed up web development in many cases.

A custom CMS is built with server side languages such as php/mySQL. The backbone behind a CMS is CRUD, which stands for create, read update and delete. For a very small cms with limited pages, deleting may not be necessary. On a very simple level, administrators can login and make any changes to the website while web surfers will see selected data from the database. For all web usage, there will be a connection to the database for which the administrator has create, read, update and delete privileges while web surfers  can only select data.

When making a custom cms, you can have a login file which rediirects or links the administrator to the file(s) which creates, updates or deletes data for one or various pages. All in all, making a cms can be a handful of files which should be lightning fast. The job is really for an individual with adequate php/mySQL knowledge since database design and creating the cms can take many hours of decent coding and testing. But, the result is the ability to make a website with your own editor. Furthermore, it is a starting point to add many pre-xisiting php scripts or more custom scripts like shopping carts, etc. Using a lightweight cms will significantly cut down on server resources.

Using a Custom CMS vs a Open Source CMS

When would I use an open source cms like Joomla or WordPress vs my own?
If the development time is faster, using an open source cms could be the solution. However, if you do not find an appropriate solution like an updatable cms for all mobile devices and want to include a fast, simple Paypal shopping cart for all devices, creating a custom cms with a lightning fast shopping cart could be the best option. Although many open source cms may have an answer to browsing the web on a pc, mobilizing the site is another issue; especially when it comes to using extensions.

A custom cms could also be diversified and used with PHP Frameworks too. The Framework could be dumped into the website and use the same template and / or database. The options to building and using a  custom cms are endless.