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Web Host Manager Moving Addon Domain To New Account

Web Host Manager allows webmasters to remove addon domains from one account and move it to a new account. In fact, that order must be done first. The tutorial below explains how to perform this procedure.

To move an addon domain to its own account,
1) Save all files and databases that you want to change. You do this with the Cpanel where the addon domain is located.
2) Remove all dns records.
To delete the DNS zone,
a) Go to DNS Functions >Select ‘Delete a DNS Zone’.
3) Unpark the domain with WHM.
To unpark a domain,
a) Go to Account information >List parked Domains >Select Unpark for the desired domain name.
4) Create a New Account.
To create a New account,
a) Select Main > Account Functions >Create New Account
b) Fill in domain, username, password, email
c) Choose package
d) Select ‘Create’

You may need to make a few adjustments during or after you create the new account; such as editing the package.
To edit a package,
1) Look for packages in left column.
2) Select ‘Edit package’ >Modify >Save as desired

Update DNS Zones
You may need to update the DNS zones.
To edit a DNS zone,
1) Select ‘DNS Functions’ >Edit DNS Zone
2) Modify and save, if necessary.

To get the new site up and running,
1) Login to the new Cpanel account.
2) Add any databases that are needed.
3) FTP all files into the new account.
4) Change any database connection files so that the new prefix and login credentials for your new account. For example, if your site was previously in an account called myname, and the new account is called newname, you will need to change all database prefixes and database names to the newname.
5) Troubleshoot the website. At this point, you should be able to open up the website in your browser.