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MYISAM Tables vs InnoDB Storage Engine With mySQL

Whether you decide to build a php / mySQL application or use an existing application, the database storage engine should be given some priority. If you plan to only allow online readers to select data from a database; MYISAM will bee fine an do the job the well. However, if you plan to do transactions or have a website that requires, or will require substantial updating, innoDB is a better a option.

With MYISAM, the engine has table locking. This means that the table is locked during an update or insert statement. If the table is used simultaneously by another user, the data cannot update. Imagine a cron job or an update is being made to the table. If a large update script is using a table, then any logged in member cannot update to it.

On the other hand, innoDB tables have row locking, which means the table is available to update for other users. Innodb tables allow php developers to use transactions on the table. With transactions, you can run a single or multiple series of updates, inserts and delete commands that will will only occur if every command was successful. With MYISAM, using transactions does not work and the last command gets executed whether you like it or not.