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MYSQL Join Tutorial

Learning how to do mySQL joins is essential to anybody who needs to use mySQL on a regular basis. Since many web applications use joins in the coding, knowing what is happening is essential to troubleshooting and saving time when you need to make a customization.

A MYSQL join is a very simple concept. If you want to tie database tables together, they need matching keys. As long as every table has at least one key that matches another table, you can join data from one table to another and voila, you have custom output.

Where will I find mySQL Joins?

Web applications like Worpdress, Magento, Open Cart, Prestashop, Joomla, Drupal and so many more use mySQL joins. If you ever advance to the point where you can write custom PHP / mySQL applications using procedural code or OOP, you will more than likely write lots of mySQL queries. With practice, you will be able to avoid mistakes and understand the coding. It will make your workflow much easier and you will know read the code more as though it is your first speaking language.

If you cannot make sense of joins or do not care to improve your mySQL, you could end up spending a lot of time to do a simple task. An example of this is when someone installs a WordPress website with very little coding skills. One day, a client could want to make some larger upgrades that involve coding mySQL joins and you will be lost. You could lose the client too if he senses your lack of skills.


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