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Creating PHP Comments With Various Techniques

PHP has several methods for which you can add comments within you files.

The samples below show various commenting methods. Commenting is a en excellent method to troubleshoot and leave notes about your code; especially while you are learning or leaving code that may need editing by others.

A large query and two loops can be obvious to some programmers; but a line of English that states what is done can be easier to understand at first glance.

For example, 20 line of code could have a comment like ‘Get the members id and see if they have boughten any books from the PHP category within the last two weeks.’

## This sign is a comment  
// The double slashes comment this text  
/* The forward slash and asterisk at the beginning and end of a text block will be commented. This is a common method for which to create comments in many languages.*/  
echo 'This text is not commented and would be the only text displayed on the page!';