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Notepad++ is quite a versatile html, css, Javascript and PHP editor. It does a fantastic job at separating and hightlighting the various codes such as Javascript, PHP and HTML. In fact, you could put several individuals into a page and the colors alone would determine whom edits what content.

Besides that,it is free and very lightweight. When you right click and edit a page with Notepad++, it opens almost instantly. I cannot think of any other PHP editors who come close to half that time.

Asides from the features above, Notepad++ allows you to click on a tag(ie div), or a curly bracket in php from an if, else or while statement and it will find the closing tag while highlighting it very nicely.

Alternatively, you can always use Notepad which comes with all Windows systems. You simply save files as “filename.php”. You must have double quotes before and affter the end of the file.