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PHP glob() Function

The glob() function can be used to get an array which lists files from a chosen directory. For example, the command below will return an array of the image names from the images/gallery folder.

$files = glob(“images/gallery/*.*”);

The code below shows how to use glob() function to get an array of filnames for images for which a for loop is used to create thumnails and images links for each image.

$files = glob("images/gallery/*.*");

for ($i=0; $i<count($files); $i++)
    $num = $files[$i];
    /*print "<a href='".$SERVER[PHP_SELF]."?myeditor=".$num."'>".$num."</a><br />";
    echo '<img src="'.$num.'" alt="random image" />'."<br /><br />";*/
    echo '<div class="image_align">
                            <div class="myimage"><a href="'.$num.'" rel="shadowbox"><img alt="placeholder" height="98" src="'.$num.'" width="130"> </a></div>