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PHP Hand Coding Vs Coping and Pasting

If you are trying to learn a programming language and are wondering how about going about this ….. please read on. When you first try to learn a programming language, the syntax, built-in functions and loops can seem overwhelming. You may even ask yourself, “Am I supposed to know and remember all of this stuff?

The answer is yes and no. You should be able to do many tasks from memory; like querying a database, sorting loops and using functions. The more you practice, the more automatic this will become. If you try to copy and paste your way through programming, you could end up with a slower learning curve and a weaker knowledge base. If you have time and the opportunity to hand code at work or at leisure, take advantage of it.

With days, weeks and years of practice, the day will come when you can type out a relational mysql query using high performance joins with 4 database tables while a copy and paste programmer may be stuck writng good code because the coding process is not automatic. One of the keys to programming is to reduce or eliminate redundancy. Therefore, typing and enforcing propper coding practices on a ‘hand-coding’ level will leave you with very powerful skills that will make doing your tasks and custom applications a simple process.