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PHP OOP $this->

class this {
public $myproperty = “Randy”;

function mymethod(){
echo “My property is “.$this->myproperty.” and my function is mymethod()<br/><br/>”;

function get_mymethod() {
return $this->mymethod();

$my_statement = new this;

$my_second_statement = new this;
$my_second_statement->myproperty = “Roger”;

More Advanced Note:
Generally, $this-> is always used to reference methods within a class. You cannot name an oblect $this without getting an error.

Error Example:
You make a new object with the name $this = new myobject;

$this = new myobject;
$this->myproperty = ”Bill”;

Fatal error: Cannot re-assign $this in C:\wamp\www\ABOOK\OOP\MY_OOP\this.php on line 17