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PHP Programming Possibilities

With php programming, there many possibilities for how such skills will be applied. You could end up using open source php scripts, create custom hand-coded applications or any combination of the two.

Although the programming can move in all sorts of directions; one such fact should not be ignored. In order to create, understand and read various applications; the stronger the php / mySQL and OOP coding skills are will determine what you can handle or create.

On a custom level, using OOP or procedural PHP can be a preference. But, if you have no solid OOP skills, you will not understand how classes, objects, and methods work.

Then, when you try to modify a sscript or add a class to your program, you could be in real trouble. Asides from a solid knowledgebase, repetition and practice will make all coding flow and keep trouble shooting down to a minimum.

As a BC and Vancouver php programmer, I hope these words can offer some help or a reference point to see what PHP / mySQL programming is all about.

If you think PHP / mySQL programming is installing and using an open source application like Joomla or WordPress, you will find serious issues when it comes to customizing websites.

If you can hand code yourself, you can practically build with anything.