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Excel Spreadsheet To MYSQL Database

Here is the basics you need to know about Excel spreadsheets in order to make, edit or move the data into a mysql database.

EXCEL Necessities for MYSQL LOAD CSV
Here is Just about everything you need to know about excel files if you use wamp or phpmyadmin.
To make an entire column with an identical value (ie. 1),
1) Click on top row.
2) Add text in first row
3) Place cursor over bottom right corner of the first cell (a small black x will appear).
4) Drag to bottom of last row. Now all columns have same value

make csv from excel comma delimited format

To add a column
with Excel,
1) Right click on a letter >Select Insert
Note:It will insert before selected column

To delete a column in Excel,
1) Right click on a letter >Select Delete

To copy text with Excel,
Right Click on cell >Copy >Paste in phpmyadmin or wherever you want

Dumping Excel CSV File Into PHP MYADMIN with autoincrement fields.
1) With php myadmin, remove id auto increment field.
2) Load data from csv.
3) Add new auto_increment field after the new rows are updated.