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There may come a time when you have an assortment of avi files for which you want to combine into a single movie. The files could come from various sources recorded at various frame rates.

You can combine all avi files and render the movie. However, it may be much faster to make a new avi file with Pinnacle Studio for each avi file. By doing this, you will have new avi files that are all with the same frame rate. In many cases, the sound will vanish from the original avi files. The solution to this problem will be to make a new voice over after all the new avi files are added to the storyboard or timeline. However, voice over has its drawbacks because adding new frames into a movie with a voice over will not be in synch with the voice over unless the frames are added before or at the end of the video timeline. Alternatively, for no loss of sound, using an avi-flv-mp4-wmv converter and take an avi file from camstudio and convert it to mpg. Then, the mpeg can be opened in Pinnacle with the sound intact. If sound is transfered to a timeline without the addition of voice over, clips are much easier to maintain.

After all the recorded avi files are converted to new avi files with Pinnacle Studio, you can combine them into a single movie and saved in the studio format. After the clips are edited and the voice-over is added, you can output a final avi file. The avi file can be played on the server or Windows Media Player, or uploaded to youtube. The file will be very large. One alternative is to save the file in a format like wmv, or mpeg2. Pinnacle, new and old versions support these formats and can make quick uploads to Youtube. Another alternative route is to convert the final avi with a conversion tool like avi-flv-mp4-wmv Converter. With this software, a 1 gb avi file can become a 10 mb mp4 file that youtube could upload in seconds.

More About Youtube File Formats

Anyways, Youtube accepts many file formats. If you don’t want to wait all night to upload an avi file, you can get the file into a small file prior to making the upload. As previously discussed, a few faster methods for uploading videos had been discussed. But, you may have tools to create other video formats for Youtube. Some of the accepted file formats for Youtube are:
1) .MPEG4
2) .MOV
3) .AVI
4) .MPEG (MPEG2)
5) .WMV
6) .FLV