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CSS Pseudo Classes

When using css classes and ids, using ids when possible always alllows direct styling to the desired elents. But, there may come a time when you want to substyle elements; such as color coding specific link. Although you can use ids, you may want to use classes. When using classes, all children will inherit the color and styling of parent classes, until specified otherwise. For example, you may want alkl the same styling except for font color. 

In this case, you must create a css class and styling that branches from the main parent;

For example, the parent would have been a class called .myart-block-body and the link would have been written like:

.myart-block-body a:link

If you want to assign a subclass called sublevel to make a white link, the code would like:

.myart-block-body a.sublevel:link
  color: #FFFFFF;