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Responsive Web Designs / CSS

Within the past couple of years, ‘responsive’ has been quite a buzzword around web designers and developers. Responsive web design is modern styling which presents web pages to custom fit any browser and device. It is the new method to create one website which looks great on all devices. Previous to responsive web designs, fluid templating and mobile web designs had been used to create websites based on screen widths. The concept is so good that it is very unlikely that responsive web design is a fad; but rather a new standard and methodology that should stand the test of time. However, unlike other methods; html and css coding uses new coding properties.

The easiest method to adopt to using responsive methods is to buy good, stylish responsive templates and alter them as desired. For as little as $10, you can buy templates with images and various pages of html / css styling. Furthermore, html / css templates are often very well coded and commented. Unless you have an excellent artistic talent; chances are that you cannot style like the pros who are very skilled and do it every day. Also, using pre-existing templates will allow you to complete projects and troubleshoot coding at the same time and possibly have a forum which explains how the template can be modified.

Here is an example of a responsive template used within a custom cms. View Webpage.

Open the example webpage listed above and slowly narrow the browser window. Then, view the web page on a mobile device such as the iphone. As you can see, the responsive templates adjusts top fit any window, some images shrink as the window becomes smaller, and some content just gets left out as the screen gets smaller. With this example, this responsive template was used with Sitemakin CMS. After a simple upload of the images and css; and a copy and paste of the index.html code, the template was ready for modification and the website was viewable on the web.