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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine MarketingOverview:
In a nutshell, search engine marketing is using a search engine’s paid services to receive traffic. The benefits of search engine marketing is instant gratification. While many people wanting a website done yesterday and to be positioned at the top for free, it is not always that convenient. But, with SEM, you can pull out that credit card and pay to play.

Google Adwords:
Google Adwords is the main service for which anyone who wants to build and manage pay-per-click campaigns.

With Google Adwords, you can create a campaign for which you can have various ad groups which will store specific keywords. When campaigns are created, there are bid prices that are set for a group of keywords, such as 0.15. Then, you can see whether or not your site will be listed on the Google Sponsored links at the price. If not, you can specify bid prices for individual keywords or the entite groups of keywords. Normally, within less than 10 minutes any new keywords and bids are updated. The campaign should be monitored regularly to see if the program is working. Does the campaign generate long-term visitors and does the campaign generate actual or potential revenue?