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Searching for specific strings of text with PHPMYADMIN or the MYSQL command prompt is a very fast way to find rows in tables for which you want to find specific pieces of data. For example, let’s assume you have a very long database table and you want to find all users that share one particular IP address or all names in a table for which a user is called John.

To search PHPMYADMIN for strings of text,

1) Open up the specific database with php myadmin.

2) Select Search
3) Add the word to search from the desired column.

4) Select Browse

At this point, you can open up Firefox and find the exact location.

To find the desired text with a query,
1) Use mysql command prompt or select sql with PHPMYADMIN.
2) Add the following code.

SELECT * FROM `myname_accomodationbc`.`abccontent`
WHERE `database_column` LIKE ‘%name%’;