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Securing PHP Scripts

There are countless numbers of PHP scripts that are available. Some scripts require no coding experience while others do. However, coding experience will allow a developer to customize the script as he desires, and it allows the coder to apply security fixes, if necessary. With many scripts, you will always see this patch for this software and this patch for that. What this means is that the code was probably vulnerable to sql injections or xss cross scripting since online users could add malicious into a form or a url and create database changes. It is always a good idea to stay secure for obvious reasons.

One good plan of attack when installing a script is to change or customize the database prefix so that online uses do not know what it is. Often, a hacker tries to inject code into a database with a default prefix, like jos, wp, or AT. If you can simply alter your database tables to a new prefix you have just added a good layer of security.