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Fiverr SEO

I am not sure what got into me one week, but, I sure had Fiverr fever. At the time, I was focusing on SEO and decided to see what five bucks would buy me. After reading various blogs and forums, I obviously did not expect much since more reviews were on the negative side. But, curiosity got the better of me, so I pulled out that credit card and made many back to back payments. I bought some PR 8 and PR 9 backlinks links, 150 edu backlinks and two SEO reports.

If you are still reading, you may wondering, how did things go? Well, the advertised handmade made links looked almost authentic, but not quite. The links were the same in all sources and looked machine generated, aside from the link address. I though he was using some auto mechanisms for slamming out so many $5 specials. But, they were ok.

The large volume .edu links were horrible; everything from not looking natural to a spinner that had no idea what it was talking about. After seeing the result, I only hoped my ranking would not be jeopardized. Never again would I use that service, even if I was paid to do so.

Fiverr SEO Reports

I did pay $10 for 2 SEO reports from top sellers and recommended vendors. One vendor, who had ranked well gave me an excel file that looked like it was made very quickly with Google Adwords, then, added a few columns based on the output. This was a waste and nothing that I do not do often myself. Another $5 down the tube.

Let Ther Be Light

However, I did find one vendor that provided a good detailed report. All I had to do was give them 1-3 keywords. They sent me a report of my website and the main competitors. This was done with decent software which can be moderately costly. I would certainly use this vendor again, unless there came a time when I wanted to pay $70 / month for similar software that analyzed my website and the competition. So, if you will need less than 15 reports a month, this can be a very valuable service since you obtain good results.