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Social Media Marketing?

Social Media MarketingOverview:
Social Media Marketing is a technique which the social media networks such as Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and Youtube to extend a marketing campaign.

Direct and Discreet:
Social Media Marketing could be used directly or discreetly. The direct form would be to use a company in the various social outlets whereas as discreetly would be to use a normal person and then use the outlet to link to websites and stores.

With the discreet method, your friends will see what business you are all about and that in itself can create a viral effect. Perhaps one day, your friend Bob will have a friend who needs a plumber and he would recommend you based on your Facebook profile.
The Future:
The future of Social Media Marketing is up in the air. It does allow your information to be passed on to friends and acquaintences. A major question for SEO is how well the blogs, forums, and comments that are posted in Facebook and Twitter will do in terms of SEO in the future? Will the social networking formula be strong like custom web design and custom SEO? Will the large magnets go to the next step and eliminate the need for custom web development by creating simple tools that will allow anyone to build custom websites by dragging images from their PC, adding video players with a click of the mouse and creating a store with unlimited shop items? Even SEO and a simple process to register a domain name could follow? Time will tell.