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Sound capturing is taking the sounds that are being played on your computer, and turing them into wav or mp3 files. 

A simple and free method to capture sound and audio is to use the software Audacity. The downloads are free from Audacity’s website. The downloads are straightforward. But, setting it up could be short and sweet or it could take a few hours. It will need to be custom configured so that sound will sound perfect when it is captured. To make an example of these past statements, I installed Audacity on two partitions of the same computer; Windows Vista and Windows XP. It took 4 hours to install Audacity on my Windows Vista partition while it took 25 minutes to be recording perfectly in Windows XP. The differences were that I had to install and test various encoders and more. It was also quirky. But, with XP, I only had to install, try a couple test configurations, and it was good to go. Nevertheless, it is a fantastic product that allows you to record that song you want, especially your own rare tracks that may be on Youtube for which you lost your mp3 file, but not available freely on Limewire or other download services.