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System Reboot With Web Host Manager


One of the first features the administrator of a VPS or dedicated server needs to be familiar with is ‘System Reboot’. You can reboot a server if the memory becomes depleted or you notice the site is down for some unknown reason. Furthermore, you will reboot the server if you alter system files like php.ini, my.cnf or, you rebuild the Apache server.

To reboot a VPS or dedicated server,
1) Login to WHM.
2) Select `System Reboot` from the home menu, or scroll down on the left menu until you see `System Reboot`.
3) Select `Graceful Server reboot`or ‘Forceful Server Reboot’. ‘Graceful Server Reboot’ will finish executing unfinished processes and reboot while a ‘Forceful Server Reboot’ will not wait until processes finish. Often, the wait for a ‘Graceful Server Reboot’ is very short.