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Some people disable Javascript so that they can become malicious users.

However, A noscript tag can be added into the head of the html or php to redirect users without Javascript.

The code is shown below:
<noscript> <meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”2; URL=”> </noscript>

Users who disable Javascript for the sake of malicious activity can be tracked down. Like a criminal coming back to the scene of the crime, they often come back with repeated patterns and finding them is not that difficult, even those who think using a proxy server is anonymity. 

You can track ip from Unix timestamps, the ip addresses and proxy servers used to browse a website. Every surfing activity leaves a mark.
See link.

To deal with individuals that like to browse your website for no other reason than being an annoyance, you can create a route for them to follow for which you can record all their surfing stats. You use the noscript tag and redirect to pages for which the malicious user will leave you an ip address and Unix timestamp that gets deposited into a database.