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Using Paypal Sandbox

Paypal offers a sandbox to test shopping carts prior to ‘going live’.The following excert explains how to test buyers and sellers to see if the program works and payments would be processed in the real world.

To get a Paypal Sandbox,
1) Goto Paypal Sandbox signup
2) Get email and activate account
3) Select test Accounts
4) Select Preconfigured or Create manually.
5) Create a Test Account as Seller and/or Buyer
6) Remember your password:
7) Fill in form as desired.
8) Select Create account

To enter the account,
1) Select a radio button next to the account.
Note: Recommended to set Payment Review Disabled to Enabled.
2) Select Enter Sandbox Test Site.

To get Paypal Pro API or Seller API credientials,
1) Select API Credentials after seller account has been created.
You will have an API username, API signature and signature.

When making a buyer test purchase,
1) Get card info.
To get credit card info,
a) Login to sandbox account
b) Select View Details of the buyer account.

Too see all transactions is seller account,

1) Login to Sandbox,
2) Login to to the seller account
3) View Transactions