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Video marketingVideo Marketing

Video marketing is a fantastic media to use for gaining traffic to your website. Videos can show up on the front page of Google, or a web surfer could select ‘Show Options’  in Google and see all videos for the keyword. A very popular video searching option is for people to use Youtube, Metacafe or another free video website.

Videos uploaded to websites like Youtube with proper titles and metadata can generate the desired traffic.
Uploading Video:
Uploading video is very simple. Youtube will allow anyone to upload up to 2 GB of video in the form of AVI files.

AVI files can be made in Windows Moviemaker or another Video Editor such as Pinnacle Studio. Youtube will take the video and convert it to a smaller FLV file. Youtube files can also be embedded in your website and the titles, text and meta information will get picked up by search engines too.

Showing Video on Your Website:
There are many options for displaying video on your website. Some video players allow for a combination to play video on the server, such as SWF and FLV files, while maintaining the ability to list video from Youtube as well.