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Virtualbox Linux File Backups

Using Virtualbox is a fantastic tool for which to write custom php / mySQL scripts, while making it easy to flip back and forth between some heavy duty Windows software like Pinnacle Studio, Camstasia, Adobe Captivate and Photoshop. However, you may want to backup some files on an external usb stick, hard drive or Raspberry Pi. Personally, I like a quick and easy backup device like a Raspberry Pi that is connected to the local network so I never have to plug any thing in. But, I also like my “Sacred Files” backed up outside of the home in case of fire and theft. Starting any long-winded project over is something you never want to do.

Moving on, here is a quick method for which you can store backups from your Virtual Machine. The sequence involves using a $35 Raspberry Pi which is connected to the router with an Ethernet cable. However, it would also work fine with a wireless connection.

To transfer the file(s) to a usb stick,

1) Move the file to another Linux operating system since it will have a different local area network address. The scp command is used below.
root# scp pi@

2) Open an ftp client in your Windows operating system.

3) Connect to the address of your Raspberry Pi. In this case, the address is The default user for a Raspberry Pi is ‘pi’ and the default password is ‘raspberry’. Security minded people probably change the default password within minutes after an installation.
4) Use sftp or ftp and transfer the file to your usb drive.

You could make a zip or tar ball of a folder, scp the file to your Raspberry Pi and transfer them to your usb stick in less than a minute.

Alternatively, you could create a Samba server on a Raspberry Pi for which you can transfer files to and from the Samba server.