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Virtuemart Quick Start Guide

1) Download Virtuemart
2) Extract Zip file
3) Install Component
4) Install Modules; such as mod_virtuemart_cart, mod_product_categories and mod_productscroller
Note: Out of the box, only ‘Link List’ for mod_product_categories did not trigger an error
5) Edit configuration (Global, Site, Site>Layout>Configuation, Security, Shipping, Checkout, Downloads, Feed Configuation)
//put custom stuff here
6) Remove pdf and email to friend link, rss, etc
7) Change so registered and non registered users can use the cart
8) Deselect ‘Show Footer’
9) Add categories and subcategories
10) Add a dummy item or 2 to see how it works. With shop.browse.php for virtuemart 1.19 you may have to edit line 86 so subcategories with items show the products.
11) Remove ‘Show Cookies alert’.
12) To set the amount of categories in a row,
a) Edit categoryChildlist.tpl.php near line 6 and change from 4 to your desired number.
13) To remove the large title ‘Categories’ from the main page,
a) Edit shopIndex.tpl.php and comment out near line 8:
echo “<h4 style=\”margin-bottom:-20px;padding-bottom:0px;\”>”.$VM_LANG->_(‘PHPSHOP_CATEGORIES’).”</h4>”; to
//echo “<h4 style=\”margin-bottom:-20px;padding-bottom:0px;\”>”.$VM_LANG->_(‘PHPSHOP_CATEGORIES’).”</h4>”;
14) To remove Ask a question about this product in versions 1.1.8 and 1.1.9,
a) Open the file /public_html/components/com_virtuemart/themes/default/templates/product_details/flypage.tpl.php
2) i) Comment echo $ask_seller to /* echo $ask_seller*/
ii) Remove the table row code:
      <td colspan=”2″><?php echo $ask_seller ?></td>
15) To change product thumbnail size,
a) Goto Configuation >Site
b) Change thumbnail width and height.
17) To make custom form fields,
a) Select Manage User Fields >Make a custom checkout form by selecting new, publish and show
18) To make payments possible,
a) Select List Payment Methods >Paypal >Add Paypal Email Address >Have it published>Save
19) To remove ‘Agree to Terms and Service’,
a) Virtuemart >Manage User Fields >Unpublish agree with the field title ‘I agree to the terms and service’
20) To add a tax rate,
a) Virtuemart >Tax >Add Tax Rate >Select a country >Create a tax rate >Save
b) Open a product and add the custom rate to any desired product.
21) To remove all or change shipping methods,
a)Configuratiion >Shipping >Select or Deselect

Edit Store Information
Here is where the currency is set.
The home page text for a Virtuemart menu item can be changed in the bottom editor


After the cart works, there may be styling issues. One such issue is the spacing between the Categories, shop info at the top and the categories below. The file shopIndex.tpl.php allows you to remove excess <br/> elements and even add new style to h4 category for margin.

You may want to change the cart image. The mod_virtuemart_cart module is image is located: