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When using WAMP to make custom php / mysql applications, it would not be uncommon to find it not to behave like your web host. Such issues can occur with if statements that need else conditions, or php short tags not working. If you accidentally have a php short tag, the code may just be treated as if nothing was there. The short tag is <? while the safe notation for starting a block of php code is <?php. Using short tags can be risky if you plan to reuse the code since some servers may not enable the usage, thus, code may not execute as expected. Using <?php always works.

To allow the usage of short tags in wamp,
2) Select PHP >PHP SETTINGS >Short Open Tags
Note: Make sure ‘Short Open Tags’ has a checkmark.

1) Open php.ini
2) Look for short_open_tag = On
3) Update the line to:
short_open_tag = On