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Building a Website

Bulding a website requires a few simple simple steps:

1. domain name

2. hosting

3. website template

4. content

5. extras

6. web management

Domain Name:
Domain name is self explanatory. Buyiong a name like is necessary to start. The price starts as low as $12.

Hosting is where the website files and database server exist; such as godaddy or a cpanel provider.

Web Template
The template is the design. It can be custom, free, bought, or any combination of the 3.


Websites can use all sorts of addons, plugins, components and custom programming when necessary; such as mp3 players, video players, rss parsers, custom database applications. Some techniques are canned installations while others very custom; depending upon what is required or requested.

Content is needed to build a the page. It will be the text and images for pages such as ‘About Us’.

Web Management
Keeping the site maintained with updates or adding extras as new needs are met.